Personal Photos

pers_1.jpg: 1024x683, 59k (05.01.2008 17:21 Uhr)
visit of an orphanage after a concert in Manila
pers_2.jpg: 1024x683, 70k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
thankful kids of the orphanage after having recieved the net profit of a tribute concert for them
pers_3.jpg: 1024x683, 67k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
another photo of the kids with me and Charlotte (my wife)
pers_4.jpg: 1024x683, 57k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
after an overwhelming reception I have been asked to deliver a speech to the kids
pers_5.jpg: 1024x683, 54k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
after a recital in the Philharmonia Perm (GUS). On the left the artistic director of the festival Dr. Elke Völker and the conductor Prof. Leo Kremer)
pers_7.jpg: 513x768, 29k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
autograph session on the stage, after a recital in russia
pers_8.jpg: 1024x683, 43k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
rehearsing with Leo Kremer somewhere in russia
pers_9.jpg: 1024x683, 52k (05.01.2008 17:24 Uhr)
soundcheck before a concert in russia
pers_10.jpg: 513x768, 43k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
on stage after a concert in the Philharmonia Berlin (Guy Braunstein (concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonia) on the left)
pers_11.jpg: 1024x426, 68k (05.01.2008 17:23 Uhr)
after a concert in the Philharmonia Berlin